Software Comparison

SpotOn Color is the perfect complement to ink formulation software, providing the critical feedback a press operator needs for color optimization on press and quickly identifying when an ink requires reformulation.

Features Spoton Color Logo SpotOn! Flexo Formulation
Designed to be used in a Flexo pressroom checkmark checkmark
Mac and Windows compatible checkmark checkmark
Multi-device compatibility to include scan measurements checkmark    checkmark *
Customize production metadata fields and values checkmark
Track Flexo job printing details such as: press, anilox roll, plate type, ink viscosity, etc... checkmark checkmark
Provide reference and measured color ink density checkmark checkmark
Provide ink density corrections to achieve best color match to reference color checkmark checkmark
Provide reference and measured tint values (SCTV and M-D) checkmark
Provide tint value corrections to achieve improve tone value match checkmark
Provide press side-to-side comparison for improved press balance correction checkmark
Provide reference and measured color CIELAB data checkmark checkmark checkmark
Provide reference and measured color CIELCh data checkmark checkmark checkmark
Provide reference and measured Spectral Curves checkmark checkmark
Substrate measurement and tracking checkmark
Trending graph of press measurements with print metadata checkmark checkmark checkmark
Summary Job Report to include job specs and press measurements checkmark checkmark
Summary Color Reports to track overall color performance across customers and jobs checkmark
Pass/Fail Reports, Job Statistics, and Color Statistics checkmark
Track Make-Ready vs. Production measurements to refine data reports and trending checkmark checkmark
Graphical Job function for easy and intuitive navigation and corrective actions checkmark checkmark
Add PDF of job file for visual reference and in-artwork measure point identification checkmark
Auto-search and Tolerancing of reference library for quick identification of matches checkmark checkmark
Color coding and ink formulation recipes checkmark
Waste work-off checkmark
Establish standards or color references checkmark

* SpotOn! Flexo does not support scan mode.