SpotOn Color Continues to Evolve and Improve!

We have improved and enhanced many features. One important enhancement is the support for spherical measurement devices. For printers that print with metallic inks or on metallic substrates, the standard 0/45 or 45/0 measurement devices yield erratic results. A spherical device, such as the X-Rite Ci6x, is necessary for measuring highly reflective surfaces, metallic inks, […]

SpotOn Color Designed for the Pressroom

For many printers, downtime and long make-readies due to color matching or product rejections due to color issues are the most costly production challenges they consistently face. SpotOn Color can help simplify this process for the press operators and free production supervisors from time-consuming internal color approval demands. SpotOn Color is designed for the pressroom! […]

Using SpotOn Color’s Press Balance Feature

Learn how to use SpotOn Color’s Press Balance dashboard panel to improve press make-ready and set-up efficiency. This video is a more in-depth look at how Spot-on can simplify the process for pressmen in setting press balance on both the gear and operator sides. By giving the press operator a side-by-side comparison, the operator can […]

SpotOn Color – NEW Color Management Platform

You spoke and we listened! Introducing… All Printing Resources is excited to announce SpotOn Color!A completely new color management platform designedfor the pressroom and other areas of production. SpotOn Color includes all the best features our users have enjoyed with SpotOn! Flexo, but is now an even more powerful tool for job management, production setup, […]

Upgrade to version 2.8 of SpotOn! Flexo

SpotOn! Press and All Printing Resources are pleased to announce a new version of their popular Flexo pressroom software SpotOn! Flexo. The new SpotOn! Flexo version ( is Free to all SpotOn! Flexo users who have a current Software Support & Maintenance Agreement (SSMA). The central feature of the new SpotOn! software is the ability […]

Common Ink-Related Issues

Earlier this year the FTA released results of a Flash Poll on ‘What Ink-Related issues are most common? Interesting results Over 60% of respondents stated Ink strength or color density Over 30% stated Color shift during run 40% stated Excessive pulls or Incorrect color during makeready

The Best Things in Life are Free!

Well, that can be debated, however a free copy of SpotOn! Flexo QM pressroom software is something you shouldn’t pass up! Especially when it will show you how to improve press-side color matching by simply Running to Delta E rather than using your old ink density standards. Do you ever wonder why, in Flexo, we […]

Running to Delta E

Color communication, (Spectral Data, CIELAB, CIELch, Chroma, Hue, Saturation) can be difficult especially in the press room where there are no press adjustments for any of these items. SpotOn! Flexo makes this communication easy. With each measurement SOF provides the press operators a series of easy to understand icons.