SpotOn Color Frequently Asked Questions

(Click here for FAQs for SpotOn! Flexo.)

How do I activate my SpotOn Color software?
- You can purchase an activation code for SpotOn Color at any time, by calling All Printing Resources at 1-800-445-4017.

Is there a SpotOn Color User Guide?
- The User Guide for SpotOn Color is being developed. A series of tutorial videos will be available to you once they are finalized.

What computer platform does SpotOn Color require?
- SpotOn Color runs on Mac OSX 10.5 or higher, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server or higher.

Is SpotOn Color a stand-alone application or client/server?
- SpotOn Color is available in a Stand-Alone or Client Server Version.

Can the user create their own Delta E tolerances?
- Yes. SpotOn Color allows the user to create both a DeltaE (ΔE) warning level and a tolerance (or fail) level using all of the current Delta E equations, ΔE76, ΔECMC (2:1), ΔE 94, and ΔE00.

What type of spectrophotometer is required to use SpotOn Color?
- SpotOn Color requires the instrument report spectral data. The current measurement instruments supported are:

  • Konica-Minolta MYIRO-1
  • Techkon SpectroDens
  • X-rite eXact
  • X-Rite i1 Pro, i1 Pro 2, i1 Pro 3 (restricted)
  • X-Rite Ci64 (spherical)

How can you create the color libraries (reference colors) required in SpotOn Color?
- Spot color libraries can be created in one of three ways:

  1. Color references can be imported from an ink formulation software as a .mif or .cxf file.
  2. Color references can be measured into SpotOn Color using a supported spectrophotometer.
  3. Migration from legacy SpotOn! Flexo Jobs.

Can you associate specific metadata to a job so it can be searched or reviewed at a later date?
- Yes. SpotOn Color has several options to attach metadata to a specific job and/or color. All of these metadata fields are searchable.

Can SpotOn Color separate Make-Ready readings from actual Production readings?
- Yes. Each time you make a measurement you can select a radio button to designate the measurement as a Make-Ready or Production measurement.

Can you search the color library to find specific colors?
- Yes. Keyword Searches based on a color name or metadata allows the user to filter and search for specific colors. A sample can also be measured and SpotOn Color will search the entire color library for related colors, sorting them by closest ΔE match.

Do you always have to read the substrate prior to making any color measurements?
- Yes. SpotOn Color uses spectral data to compare the reference and measured color. The calculation is based on the color reading including the white point or substrate.

If you have a measurement error can you delete the measurement and/or read the measurement again?
- No. Once you save the measurement it cannot be edited or deleted; however, while you are in measurement mode, you have complete visibility to the measurement results and can continue to adjust and re-measure, update related metadata data, and add comments until you are satisfied with the measurement set and are ready to save.

What does the Density / ΔE chart represent?
- The center vertical line represents the optimal density at the lowest ΔE value to reproduce the selected spot color. The Black curved line represents the ΔE variations associated with the densities along the bottom of the chart. You can hover your mouse along the Black curved line and see the relationship of ink density and ΔE.

What does the ΔL* and Chroma/Hue Deviation Graph represent?
- The left-hand bar represents the difference between the measured color and the reference color at the current density and the right-hand bar represents the predicted difference between the measured color and the reference color if run at the suggested density. The ΔL* graph shows the L* deviation (too light or too dark). This, in conjunction with the Chroma/Hue graph, helps the operator visualize the current measurement in comparison to predicted potential improvement.

Is there any reporting functionality in SpotOn Color?
- Yes. SpotOn Color includes a Trend Graph that quickly gives you a historical view of the measurements you have taken and provides ink density and Delta E values. Users can also explore detailed job and color statistics. Additionally, you can export Reports with this information, as well as associated metadata. The report can be customized with your company name and logo.

We currently have pressroom software, how is SpotOn Color different?
- SpotOn Color was designed specifically as a tool for press operators. It offers functionality other solutions do not and could replace or expand on the tools the operators currently have for troubleshooting. For facilities that are using ink formulation software and tools in the pressroom, press operators will likely agree those solutions are not really optimized to help them troubleshoot or resolve color issues on press. Ink formulation software is very powerful for creating or establishing standards or reference colors and tracking these colors from batch to batch, but was never designed to be used press-side, and lacks important information required by the press operator, such as feedback for ink density adjustments and tracking production settings. SpotOn Color is the perfect complement to ink formulation software, providing the critical feedback a press operator needs for color optimization on press and quickly identifying when an ink requires reformulation. Compare SpotOn Color & Formulation Software.