Color Matching Simplified

Finally an easy-to-use software solution to systematically control color on press. Import reference colors - measure. Let SpotOn Color do the rest!

Control Color On Press ... Systematically, Running to Delta E


Easy to Use

Color communication, (Spectral Data, CIELAB, CIELch, Chroma, Hue, Saturation) can be difficult especially in the press room where there are no press adjustments for any of these items. SpotOn Color makes this ...

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No More Guessing

For a long time, there have been only two ways to match color on press: Formulate or Guess. The "Formulate" method, such as that used in the ink mixing department, is very precise. Each step is tested, documented and ...

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How It Works

SpotOn Color uses spectral data to provide optimal density information, allowing the operator to run a color to match a reference color. This software compares the spectral data of a color measured on a press pull ...

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SpotOn Color is simple and intuitive for our operators. An updated feature is the Press Balance display, which has streamlined the make-ready process making it quick and easy to adjust side-to-side impression! The SpotCheck tools and Swatch Book PDF have also greatly improved our ability to communicate color in pre-production stages to better ensure future color matches once we go to press. Our team is impressed about how effective and integral the software has become, improving our ability to quickly setup the press and tightly control the press through the run and across multiple press runs.

Norm Hagman

Prepress Workflow - Color Management Specialist

Awards, Partnerships & Certifications

(Note: These were awarded to SpotOn! Flexo.)

FTA Award

FTA Technical Innovation Award

The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) named All Printing Resources (APR) and SpotOn! Press winners of its prestigious 2014 Technical Innovation Award. SpotOn! Flexo Technology co-developed by the two companies, was the winner...

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Color Logic Partner

Color-Logic Technology Partner

Color-Logic has named All Printing Resources (APR)–the exclusive North American distributor of SpotOn! Flexo–a technology partner. Announcing the partnership, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves commented ...

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Esko Full HD Certification

Esko Full HD Flexo Certification

All Printing Resources (APR) and SpotOn! Press are pleased to report that their SpotOn! Flexo pressroom software has received Esko Full HD Flexo certification. Full HD Flexo is the new standard for flexo quality. Companies that are HD Flexo...

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    Notable Projects

    (Note: These projects were completed using SpotOn! Flexo.)

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    2015 Flexo Magazine Cover Project
    spoton flexo pouches
    2018 FTA First-in-Motion Project
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    2014 Flexo Magazine Cover Project