SpotOn Color is Easy to Use

Color communication, (Spectral Data, CIELAB, CIELch, Chroma, Hue, Saturation) can be difficult especially in the press room where there are no press adjustments for any of these items.

SpotOn Color makes this communication easy. With each measurement SOC provides the press operators a series of easy to understand icons.

Icon Description
Acceptable Color Match - (based on dE to reference)
Acceptable Color Match can be achieved by Increasing or Decreasing solid ink density (SID)
Failed Color Match - (requires new ink formulation.)

SpotOn Color uses a Predictive Analysis Algorithm to provide press operators the optimal ink density to run a color to achieve the lowest Delta E (dE00) to the desired reference color. This new pressroom metric is called running to Delta E, and is more accurate for color consistency than running to solid ink density.

Solid ink density (SID) has been in place in the pressroom for years and years and is an excellent tool to monitor a color once the correct color has been achieved. SID is a measurement of Lightness/Darkness and has no color reference. Hence you can have the same SID for a Magenta and a Cyan ink which are drastically different colors. Once the operator confirms the color is correct via Delta E, density and tone value are ideal metrics to ensure continued color consistency.

The preferred pressroom metric is Running to Delta E. Delta E (dE) is a colorimetric calculation that compares two selected colors and provides a number representing the color differences. For example, a dE00 of 2.0 is considered a good color match, and a dE00 of 6.0 is an unacceptable color match.

SpotOn Color provides the press operator the current dE and also the optimal dE based on possible ink density changes.

Download:  SpotOn Color - Data Sheet, Adobe PDF, 216KB