No More Guessing with SpotOn Color!

For a long time, there have been two know ways to match color on press:

  1. Formulate - such as used in the ink mixing department. This method is very precise because each step of the way is tested, documented and recorded with both color measurement hardware (spectros) and software. Results are very accurate.
  2. Trial and Error – unfortunately this is a very commonly used method. You make adjustments that you think will get you close to the correct color on press, often seeking confirmation and consensus from others that it is close enough to pass the customer's expectations.

Ink Technicians formulate color:

  • Measure, Document, Record
  • Use ink formulation software
  • Produce very accurate results

All others rely on trian-and-error, hoping it is good enough, and praying the customer agrees.

Press operators should run the press and let SpotOn Color software do the color stuff.

Ink Technicians should formulate ink.

Download:  SpotOn Color - Data Sheet, Adobe PDF, 216KB