SpotOn Color New Features and Capabilities (Sept-2021)

September 30, 2021

SpotOn Color is a proven color management platform for the pressroom and other production areas. Initially designed with press operators in mind, this solution is simple to implement and use yet comprehensive in function. This powerful tool can be used for job management, production setup, process control, and overall job and color assessments, all wrapped in an easy-to-interpret interface. The newest version of SpotOn Color improves how multiple seats can be connected via the preferred corporate database management.

New Features and Capabilities

NEW - SpotOn Color iPhone app
NEW - SpotOn Flexo migration options to Import Standards and customize Metadata Mapping
NEW - SQLExpress installer to simplify the database configuration for connecting multiple SpotOn Color workstations
NEW - Function to export Customer Libraries from SpotOn Color so standards can be shared with other color management software
NEW - Function to export SpotOn Color job files to share with other SpotOn Color locations, the iPhone app, and to assist with troubleshooting
EXPANDED - Metadata Field customization to include options to create preset dropdown lists
ENHANCED - SpotCheck feature for offline color measurement tracking, such as ink room and prepress measurements
UPDATED - Device options* that include the new Techkon Myiro

More To Come

Additional functionality and features are continuously being considered. Future upgrades will include substrate opacity measurement and tracking, support for spherical measurement devices, MIS connectivity, more open data exchange with other software solutions, score carding, and new reports and performance trackers.

*Notice: The X-Rite i1Pro is now restricted from use in the pressroom by X-Rite. APR has secured a grace period (through December 31, 2021) for any customers that migrate to the new SpotOn Color to change over their devices to one that is supported for the pressroom (currently the X-Rite eXact, X-Rite Ci64, Techkon SpectroDens, or Konica-Minolta MYIRO-1).

Click here to download a PDF with this information.